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Coronavirus - Latest Information

Creating a CV

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a document you create to provide information about your suitability for employment. Employers often use CVs to screen applicants for interview, so it is important to have a CV that makes you stand out from the crowd.

No experience? How to make your CV stand out!

Tailor your CV

Read the job description and tweak the CV to make sure it displays the required skills clearly. 


Present the CV carefully and neatly. Use bullet points and subtitles to ensure clarity. 

Try and keep the CV under two A4 pages. 

Cover letter

A cover letter gives you the chance to introduce yourself to an employer. It should be sent along with your application form so should not be a repeat of what you have already written.   

The application form

A job application form is your chance to show employers that you are a perfect fit for the job and worth inviting for interview.

Not all application forms are the same so it is important to read the application form, any guidance notes and the job description carefully so you can identify what the employer is looking for.

Closing date

Take note of the closing date and leave plenty of time to complete and submit the application form.   

For online applications use a Word document to type up your text and then copy into your online form. 

Ask for help

Ask someone to proof read it for you.

Take any constructive criticism. 

Useful resources

For more information on do's and don'ts, take a look at The Recruitment Guy - CV Heroes and Weirdos! 



For CV examples and templates take a look at:

My World of Work  Advice on writing a CV, CV builder and example CVs.
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The Guardian  CV templates to fit every stage of your career.
Planit Entry level CV example, hints and tips. (aimed at school leavers).