Successful interviews

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Successful interviews


 Interview tips you need to pay attention to


Good preparation can help you perform well at interview


Find out about the employer. Look at the company website. Study the About Us section or any mission statements. Make sure you know what products and services they offer. Read the company’s annual report if one is available. You can find many companies’ reports including financial and director information on Mint UK.  A read only version of MINT  is available in all Glasgow Libraries (download version available at The Mitchell).  

Has the company been in the news? Use ProQuest to research any newspaper or trade journal articles about your chosen company. ProQuest is available in all Glasgow Libraries or, remotely, from Research 24/7 with your library card number. 

Follow your chosen company on social media (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter). Like or follow the company to get updates.

You may want to avoid mentioning any negative news stories unless it is such a big story that to avoid it would suggest you haven’t done any research. You can turn this on its head by commenting positively on how they responded to the challenge of the bad news.

Read the job description and know your CV or job application inside out.

Prepare answers to sample interview questions. Prepare questions to ask the employer

What are you going to wear? Dress appropriately.

Check the location and time of your interview. Plan your route in advance and leave plenty of time to get there. 


Useful links


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National Careers Service​  Interview do’s and don’ts, sample questions and a pre-interview checklist

Monster Interview preparation to post interview follow-up.

The Guardian  Articles and videos. Titles include “How to master body language in an interview” and “How to use the STAR technique (video)”.

Totaljobs Everything from basic interview questions to body language.

The Guardian Dress to impress: what to wear for a job interview

Prospects  Website aimed at students and graduates. Interview tests and more… Interview tips section includes “Top Tips for Answering Competency Questions” and “10 Top Tips for Interview Presentations”.

Glassdoor Includes articles on “How to Explain Your Flaws during a Job Interview” and “How to Avoid Interview Blunders”.


TARGETjobs  Interview techniques and tips for graduates.
Monster UK & Ireland  How to Ace a Job Interview playlist
The Interview Guys  Fun videos covering all aspects of the interview process.

My World of Work What NOT to do in a job interview Words from the wise. 

The Guardian How can I relax in job interviews?

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