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Archives for Local History

Enjoy the thrill of using original archives to help discover the history of your house, street or community.

Glasgow's Buildings 

Use architectural plans to discover the history of the City’s buildings.  Did your ancestor and their ten ‘weans’ live in a single-end?  Find out more about local buildings and who lived there, using sasines and valuation rolls.

Many of the built-up areas of Glasgow and the suburbs were originally large estates owned by wealthy families. Use landed families records to build up a picture of local areas across Strathclyde.

Other Archives 

Discover more local history by using our many other archive collections, such as: churches, shipbuilding, other businesses, clubs and societies.  Use the Clyde Port  archives to find out all about the River Clyde.  Access school records and enter the world of Scotland’s Victorian schools. View our collections of additional photos, maps and other illustrations depicting your local area.                                            

The Virtual Mitchell

Every picture tells a story, so browse the Virtual Mitchell website's series of fascinating photographs that recapture the

Your archives, your history, and your stories to help you connect with your local history.

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