Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

Copyright, patents, trademarks and registered designs



Got an idea for a new product? Or a new logo or design?  While it remains simply an idea you have no protection in law but once you have put your idea on paper (or some other permanent  format) it can be protected and can then be regarded as your intellectual property.

It is important to understand how to protect your intellectual property, allowing you to profit from your own work while prevent others from doing so.

Business @ The Mitchell can help you find the right protection for your intellectual property from the four main types:

  • Copyright: protects creative works such as literary, dramatic, musical or artistic
  • Patents: protects new inventions or technology and improved products or processes
  • Registered designs: protects the aesthetic appearance or the visual design of a product
  • Trademarks: protects words, phrases, symbols or logos that distinguish goods or services. 
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The Mitchell Library is one of the Patent Information Centres (also known as PATLIBs) that are available throughout the UK.
PATLIBs were created to provide users with local access to patent, trade mark, designs and copyright information.
The centres have qualified and experienced staff who offer practical assistance on a variety of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).



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