Digital Making Space with Coderdojo Scotland

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Digital Making Space with Coderdojo Scotland

CoderDojo Scotland


CoderDojo Scotland is part of a global collaboration which provides free coding clubs for young people. It enables them to learn everything they need to become a great programmer whilst providing a safe, fun and sociable environment to do it in.

Where Can I Find A CoderDojo​ Club

At the Mitchell Library​ we've created a fantastic Digital Making Space. Created in partnership with Glasgow Life, CoderDojo Scotland and Virgin Media, our free Coding Club has the very best IT equipment and Wifi in a bright and fun environment making it the ideal place to learn code. We hold regular Coderdojo Events so keep a look out for upcoming events to become part of the club.

Coding Clubs are starting to roll out to Community Libraries. Check out here for dates of new clubs as the service is developed.

If you would like to find out more about our free Coding Clubs at the Mitchell Library and in Community Libraries, email or call 0141 287 2999. ​​​

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Coding Clubs in Glasgow Libraries

Click here to find your nearest Coding Club taking place in a Glasgow Library.




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