Recent Accessions

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Recent Accessions

Bookplates Collection 

.A collection of 123 bookplates, with a number of duplicates, encapsulated on 20 sheets of clear film. The majority of the items in the collection are 19th century unadorned armorials, with no pictorial element or three-dimensional quality to the arms. Heraldic stationers produced thousands of these, as well as similar items such as wax seals and signet rings. Sometimes no effort was made to ensure that the heraldry was accurate or that the owner was actually entitled to bear arms. The armorial of ‘Lord Bracco’ is from the 18th century and other early examples are those belonging to the Southouse family, Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo and General James Paterson. There are some examples of crests, a few pictorial engravings and some simple signatures, with or without a frame.  All the bookplates are undated, apart from a few which have dates written on them, either by their owners or the engravers. 

Ref. No.   1,000,892

Scottish General Election 1964

A collection of c.155 items, mostly candidates’ leaflets, from the Scottish constituencies. Also included are a few manifestos, leaflets in support of the parties and newspaper features.  Some well-known names include Hector Munro, George Younger, (a very young) John Smith, David Steel, Norman Buchan, Tam Galbraith, Jo Grimond and Willie Ross. Jack House was standing as the Liberal candidate for Woodside and C.M.Grieve (Hugh McDiarmid) was the Communist candidate for Kinross and West Perthshire. Only one woman features:  Alice Cullen, the sitting Labour M.P. for Glasgow Gorbals. 

Also included is a small amount of material about three Scottish by-elections:  Dumfries-shire (12 Dec 1963); West Lothian (14 Jun 1962) and Kinross & West Perthshire (7 Nov 1963).​

Ref. No.  1,000,887

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