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Business Support

Jobs & Business Glasgow

Glasgow’s Regeneration Agency (GRA) is now known as Jobs & Business Glasgow.

It aims to increase the competitiveness of Glasgow’s residents in the jobs market by equipping them with the skills that employers value. It will also work with the small business base to increase the number of start-ups and help improve their resilience in order to create more jobs.

HM Revenue & Customs

Business Education & Support. Get help and support from HMRC if you’re an individual, self-employed, a business or an agent.

E-Learning From HMRC

There is an extensive range of e-learning products available from HMRC to help customers as they face key business life events, including starting in business, taking on an employee, registering for VAT, importing/exporting and incorporation.New Courses Added

Supplier Development Programme

The Supplier Development Programme (SDP) is a business support initiative using training and information to improve the competitiveness of local businesses.

SDP is a partnership of Local Authorities and Scot Gov (third sector) working together to bring business support in all aspects of tendering. By assisting businesses to become tender ready for public procurement and improving all-round efficiency, sustainability and market potential.

Business Gateway

Business Gateway is a publicly funded service contributing to the economic well being of Scotland by providing access to free business support services. Receive assistance and impartial advice of you're starting or growing a business. 

Glasgow Chamber Of Commerce

More than 100 networking, training and showcasing occasions each year, providing invaluable professional development opportunities to members and non-members alike.

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Educational Products and Services

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COBRA and ProQuest

COBRA covers all aspects of starting and running a business. From writing a business plan to expanding an existing business, COBRA contains around 4000 fact sheets, market reports, contacts, and sources of funding and support to help entrepreneurs and their advisers.

COBRA is available in all Glasgow Libraries and from work and home by entering your library card number. 

​Business @ The Mitchell offers instruction in getting the most out of COBRA. Contact us to book a place on our monthly workshops.

COBRA (Complete Business Reference Adviser)

COBRA is a comprehensive, practical and continually updated information tool for anyone wanting to start a business, write a business/marketing plan or conduct research into a new market.

Business Opportunity Profiles Hundreds of small business idea guides

Business Information Factsheets How-to guides, reports and checklists for small businesses

Sector Guides This section provides updates on key sectors

K Market Synopses Market research guides for dozens of UK Business Sectors

Local Area Profiles Summaries of vital business information from environment and support specific to local areas.

Business Legal Library Clear and concise explanations of laws and regulations for small business

Sources of Business Information A directory of organisations relevant to setting up small businesses

Business Events​ A database of national events and exhibitions.


This is the industry standard database for business research, whether a student or an entrepreneur or just starting out. Access to 3,000 full text journals, market research and much more.

ABI/INFORM is available in all Glasgow Libraries and from home or work by entering your library card number.

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Importing and Exporting

Whether you need to import materials for your products or are looking to expand your business overseas the importing and exporting process can be complex.

It is important to be aware of the issues that are involved to ensure compliance with the law and to be clear on what you want to achieve.

The Tariff​

The Tariff provides essential information for importers and exporters, setting out the duties and measures affecting the transit of goods to and from the UK.

The Tariff is available via password in Business @ The Mitchell.


Cobra has a number of helpful fact sheets covering all you need to know about importing and exporting. It also provides links to some useful tools to help you with issues such as payment processes and exchange rates.

Find out more from Cobra - which you can access from work or home with your library card number – in the related documents section.

Mint UK

Find out about the companies you are dealing with by searching for them on Mint UK.

You can also use Mint UK to create a suppliers list or identify manufacturers. Profits can be displayed by business line and by geographic sales.

Mint UK is available via password in Business @ The Mitchell.

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