Curious City

A podcast with brilliant guests, surprising objects and quirky connections
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Photograph showing an aerial view of Glasgow looking down over buildings at a crossroads, with the words Curious City over the image.

In each episode we travel across the city, discovering objects from our museums that link in surprising ways, meeting people and sharing stories as we go.

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Photograph showing the actor, writer and presenter Sanjeev Kohli standing inside Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Episode 1 - Sanjeev Kohli's Kelvingrove

Available from February 28

As a lifelong visitor to the museum our guest the actor, comedian and writer Sanjeev Kohli, shares his favourite things about Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. From Floating Heads, a 120 year old Art Competition to Salvador Dali, Sanjeev reveals what it really means to him.

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Photograph of the inside of Sheilds Road Subway station, with two people about to get on board.

Episode 2 - On The Move

Available from March 13

Comedian, writer and broadcaster Susan Morrison joins us to discover the history of Glasgow's underground, the story of a home-made record-breaking bike, a magnificent pair of boots once owned by Elton John and asks the question - why does the Duke of Wellington always wear a traffic cone?

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Photograph showing Billy Connolly's Banana Boots

Episode 3 - Performance

Available from March 27

What makes a good night out in Glasgow? In this episode the writer Chris Dolan offers us a glimpse into Glasgow's unique relationship with performance and entertainment through the eyes of Billy Connolly, the Theatre Royal and Rab C Nesbitt.

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Photograph of the fashion historian, writer and curator, Mairi MacKenzie, photographed inside the Burrell Collection

Episode 4 - Costume

Available from April 10

How does costume influence a performance? In this episode the fashion historian, writer and curator Mairi MacKenzie, reveals her unique insights on a dress worn by Audrey Hepburn, a tutu designed for Swan Lake, horsehair boxing gloves and how armour works to fit the body.

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Also featured in the series

Photograph showing Faye, from the Some Great Reward record shop
Glasgow's Independent Record Shops
Photograph showing runners at the Parkrun 5k event in Pollok Country Park
Photograph showing Glasgow Life Learning and Access Curator Caroline Currie with two pupils from St Convols
Nature Trails
Photograph of Gary from Glasgow Boxing Academy and friends
Photograph showing Susan Morrison looking at a Storm Trooper costume on display in Riverside Museum
Cropped view of Salvador Dali's Christ of St John of the Cross focused on the figure on the cross
Salvador Dali
Coloured pencil drawing of eight taxidermy birds by Mariko Twaddle
Art Competition
Photograph of the Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom sign
Music Venues
Photograph showing a dress worn by actress Audrey Hepburn on display alongside an original Mini
Film Memorabilia
Photograph showing the Duke of Wellington statue outside the Gallery of Modern Art wearing a traffic cone
Darth Vader and an Imperial Storm Trooper from the 501st Legion, and Star Wars, outside Riverside Museum
Star Wars
Photograph showing some of the Curious City production team walking across a street in Glasgow

Curious City team

This photograph shows some of the people who make the Curious City podcast. The team are David Scott, Michael MacKinnon, Laura Walker, Bryony Bates, Tracey MacDonald, James Gibson, Anthony Johnston, Caroline Currie, Debora Neto and Alan Braidwood.