HFE and Glasgow Sport to create partnership in order to boost inclusiveness in exercise

HFE and Glasgow Sport to create partnership in order to boost inclusiveness in exercise

One of the UK's biggest vocational trainer providers in the UK has recently teamed up with Glasgow Sport to promote more inclusive exercise opportunities across Glasgow.

HFE are a leading provider of personal training courses and fitness qualifications and this year they have not only begun delivering courses in Glasgow for the first time but they've also launched their Level 3 Exercise for Disabled Clients course. Recognised by YMCA Awards, the industry’s original awarding body, there is vast potential for instructors to use this qualification to positively impact countless numbers of people.

HFE are proud to be one of the few providers in the country who regularly deliver this course and they've turned their attention to supporting Glasgow Sport in serving a demographic that is currently greatly underrepresented. For context, reports have suggested that 1 in 5 people in the UK has a disability, equating to nearly 11 million people. Unfortunately, only 18% of disabled adults undertake physical activity lasting longer than 30 minutes a week and this is compared to 38% of non-disabled adults. 

Considering Glasgow Sport operate one of the most extensive leisure operations in the whole of the UK, which includes 32 leisure facilities, there is immense potential to provide more opportunities for disabled clients to exercise.     

Philip Peek, Sports Development Officer, was quick to praise the partnership, saying: “Glasgow Sport has an extensive Disability Sports programme, and always looking for additional work we can undertake to ensure we’re delivering the best programmes possible for our customers.

“The opportunity to team up with HFE to take part in their new Level 3 course was very welcome and Emma, the first member of our team to take part in the course, is really looking forward to developing her skills as a fitness professional.”