See Samara Scott's exhibition Belt and Road at Tramway

See Samara Scott's exhibition Belt and Road at Tramway

For her most ambitious exhibition to date, artist Samara Scott has created a large site specific installation in response to Tramway’s main gallery.

Scott’s work is improvised in situ, using fluid and supple materials - cosmetics, cat litter, mustard, toilet paper, milk, soil and cleaning products are just some of the substances that have made up her alchemic collages. Often working on the horizontal plane, Scott submerges these objects creating sculptural friezes in which audiences are confronted with the ‘glitching grit’ of contemporary culture.

At Tramway Scott suspends these miscellaneous accumulations to create a translucent, putrid, and seductive expanse which hovers ominously above the viewer. A vast, transparent membrane has been smeared and impregnated with materials sourced from around Glasgow, creating a patina that will cure, decay, shift and evolve over time.

The materials Scott uses offer a portrait of the accumulation and decumulation of the city. Discarded, industrial items pillaged from building sites and motorway passes fuse and ferment with organic matter from across Glasgow; weeds foraged from pavement crevices, catering waste and products from Chinese supermarkets, hair dressing wholesalers and office supply stores. The installation references the gallery’s likeness to open air structures such as markets, thoroughfares, arcades - spaces of trade, movement, consumption and abandonment which allude to the visible and invisible patterns of the city. The polluted coatings she applies to this surface create landscapes that seem to constantly shatter and coalesce above us as we move beneath them.

Samara Scott (b.1985 UK) Selected exhibitions include Voyage, Curated by Alexandre da Cunha, Bergamin & Gomide, Sao Paulo, BR, 2017 (group); Days are Dogs, Palais De Tokyo, Paris, FR, 2017 (group); Entangled, Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK, 2017 (group); Developer, Pumphouse Gallery & Battersea Park, London, UK, 2016 (solo), Jacobs Creek, The Sunday Painter, Offsite, Los Angeles, US, 2016 (solo); Silks, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK, 2015 (solo); Still Life, Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh, SCT, 2015 (solo); High Street, Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK, 2014 (solo). Samara is represented in London by The Sunday Painter.

Materials: plastic crates, sand, noodles, dough, semolina, powdered milk, cat litter, coffee, paper, custard, powder, toothpicks , tanning lotion , fizzy drinks, cereals, sugar, sleeping pills, gelatine, charcoal, corn meal, Towels, soap powder, limes, dishwasher tablets, bleach, lasagne sheets, Tic Tacs, toilet duck, anti-bacterial surface cleaner, plantain leaves, air vents, chewing gum, charcoal toothpaste, cous cous, hair gel, pillowcases, olive stones, double cream, Sellotape, Toothpaste, hair conditioner, dried plumbs, cigarettes, shampoo, ties, potatoes, olive bath crème, fabric dyes, phone chargers, Quality Street cellophane wrapping, kitchen roll, Vaseline, Blue tac, Potpourri, plastic straws, Financial Times, polystyrene cups, scaffold netting, corrugated plastic, cigarettes, tarpaulin, rain ponchos, spaghetti, bamboo skewers, cigarette filters, plasters, coloured sand, top soil, batteries, luggage straps, coffee cups, driftwood, freezer bags, non-slip matts, hairspray, French toast, Hosepipe, snow spray, fabric conditioner, cif, mayonnaise, car fuses, shaving foam, washers, Vaseline, copper wire, burger sauce, air freshener, ducting, wrapping paper, hotdog buns, tights, bottle caps, lampshade, plastic tubing, aluminium foli, toilet paper, headphones, curtain hooks, emulsion paint, t shirts, broken mirror, Himalayan salt, electrical cable, broken car windscreen, yoga mat, metal chain, bangles, Face towel, Belts, shower caps, Blu cistern block, tomato sauce, tile spacers, heavy duty plastic sheeting, Biros, shoe laces, Haribo, Leaves, plug socket, turmeric, incense sticks, vinyl sheet, Carotene hair treatment, Denim jeans, Walnut pips, Seaweed, Sandpaper, gaffer tape, Eraser, masonry tape, envelopes, crisps, electrical tape, broom stick, garlic skin, burger sauce, carpet tiles, artichoke leaves, floor matting, Tree bark, latex gloves, coins, mouse killer, wadding, cooking oil, hand wipes, plastic bags, water, paper bags, American style mustard, hair dye, dead flowers, shopping bags, sweetener, ear plugs, bbq coals, plastic.

Belt and Road, until October 28.