Màiri Morrison and Rebecca Fraser

A close shot of young and old hands drawing on paper

Màiri Morrison works in performing arts, predominantly in Gaelic, and has lived in Glasgow for over 20 years. Her work involves sharing her skills whilst encouraging the local community to create connections and engage in Gaelic arts related activities.

Rebecca Fraser lives and works alongside her local community to explore creativity, share stories and document east end life: 'Over the past few years we have planted a garden, recorded a podcast, painted murals and walked many miles together, chatting and becoming friends.'

In their new collaboration, Rebecca and Màiri will focus on working with pre-5 children and their families, and link up with existing partnerships and collaborators such as the arts strategy group for the Parkhead Health Hub.

They plan to celebrate local creativity, knowledge and green spaces. They will support local people to learn creative skills including printmaking, and to explore green issues such as the science of trees in relation to air quality, net-zero emissions, and air pollution. 

Màiri has a specific commitment to Gaelic Arts in a community context, and their collaboration also seeks to raise awareness of the Gaelic language, introducing more east end children to the Gaelic language, and linking learning the Gaelic language with nature.


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Above: A snapshot of one of Rebecca's 'Arty Chats'