Enhance your daily numeracy skills
A person smiling with glasses on sitting at home looking at their laptop and holding some paperwork.

Unlock Vital Numeracy Skills with Multiply.

Glasgow Life and partners offer FREE practical numeracy workshops citywide. Boost your confidence in everyday maths from managing bills to budgeting to helping the kids with their maths homework. Learn to decode wage slips, handle debts, navigate travel and more.

Tailored courses: workshops, 1-2-1 sessions, and online options available.

About Multiply

Do you want to be more confident using numbers and maths?

You might be helping your children with their homework. You might need to work out measurements and cooking times to cook a meal. You might be working out your household bills for this month.

Being confident enough to use numbers can even help you in your job - or to get a new job.

Our new Multiply programme offers a range of learning activities designed to help use numbers in everyday life.

Better understand bills, online shopping and more. Our engaging courses
make numeracy easy and enjoyable. Join us for practical, informal and
fun learning!

If you want to speak to someone about it call 0808 171 3030 or email

Enquire now for a range of training and support.

These courses are open to you if you are an adult, over the age of 16 (and don’t have at least a National 5 or Standard Grade or O-Grade qualification in maths or arithmetic or if your qualification was some time ago) and live within the Glasgow City council area.

We have courses for beginners and more advanced courses, for those who want to improve their numeracy skills.