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Evaluation of Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Services @ Glasgow Libraries​

Final Report For Macmillan Cancer Support And Glasgow Life​

The partnership between Macmillan Cancer Support and Glasgow Life aims to establish Cancer Information and Support Drop-in Services in Glasgow’s libraries. This is the largest programme of its kind being funded by Macmillan currently and is seen as a pilot for the UK as a whole.

We have commissioned an evaluation of this programme to consider the progress, effectiveness and impact of the three year set-up phase of this service. This includes:

  • the planning and implementation processes followed to establish the programme
  • whether the programme objectives were achieved (including undertaking the cultural and organisational change)
  • the effectiveness of the volunteer programme, the service quality, the outcomes achieved by volunteers and service users - particularly relating to quality of life
  • the effectiveness of the partnership.

This final report ​​​draws on evidence relating to programme partnership, process, and early outcomes. The research has been based on an analysis of Glasgow Life monitoring data and a comprehensive programme of fieldwork including interviews, focus groups and surveys involving: strategic partners and stakeholders; operational staff from Glasgow Life (including managers, the programme team and frontline library staff) and associated agencies; volunteers that deliver the service; and a selection of people that have used or been exposed to the service (to understand user experience and outcomes).

December 2014​​

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