Top ten must see

Check out the best of the Palace while it's closed for refurb
Photograph showing a replica neon sign of the famous Barrowland Ballroom sign and stars

The People's Palace is Glasgow's social history museum. Here you can still explore our top ten objects and displays, while the museum is closed.

Photograph showing the comedian Billy Connolly's 'Banana Boots' which he used to wear on stage, and donated to the People's Palace.

Billy Connolly’s banana boots

One of the museum’s most beloved objects is Billy Connolly’s banana boots, gifted by Billy himself to the people of Glasgow. The boots are representative of how Glaswegian ‘patter’ has reached, and is beloved by, a worldwide audience.

Photograph showing the painting called Glasgow Fair by the artist John Knox

John Knox

Glasgow Fair

This painting captures both the eyes and imagination of visitors as they enter Glasgow Green, providing a great introduction to life in early modern Glasgow. It’s located in the Welcome Room, showcasing the revelry and great exhibitions of Glasgow in the 19th Century.

Photograph showing a close-up of Rab C Nesbit’s string vest, braces and suit jacket

Rab C Nesbit

Rab C Nesbit’s string vest and bottle of Irn Bru

While Rab is a Glaswegian caricature, he and his outfit are great examples of Glasgow humour and ‘patter’!

Photograph of a painting by Archibald McLauchlan of John Glassford and his Family

Archibald McLauchlan

John Glassford and his Family

A foreboding reminder of the legacies of enslavement, empire and the tobacco merchants of 18th Century Glasgow.

Photograph shows a recreation and display of a bed in a kitchen of what a single end tenement flat would have been like

Single End Flat

On the top floor, the single end flat transports visitors back to a time where up to ten people lived in a single-roomed flat. While the audio description may remind us of our modern-day luxuries, the recreated flat brings to life the sense of family and community that tenements are famous for.

Photograph showing a classic seaside 'cutout' featuring a donkey and a child enjoying a ride.

Doon the water

A trip to the Palace is not complete without a photo in the seaside ‘Doon the Water’ cut out! Located in our ‘Doon the Water’ holiday display, not only does the cut out provide an interactive element and reminder of their visit, for many visitors it’s a trip down memory lane!

Photograph showing a replica neon sign of the famous Barrowland Ballroom sign and stars

Barrowland Ballroom sign

Being located in the heart of Glasgow’s east end, at the heart of the People’s Palace is the bright Barrowland’s sign. The original sign is located just around the corner from the Palace, and many of our weekend visitors tie in their visit to the museum with a visit to the Barras.

Photograph shows a silver collar made by Robert Luke, circa 1732


Next to the Glassford painting is a silver collar - another reminder of Glasgow’s connection to transatlantic enslavement.

Photograph showing a vintage pink dress which brings to life all the laughter, fun and romance of the dance halls in the late twentieth century.

Pink Dress

Located in the Barrowlands display this vintage pink dress brings to life all the laughter, fun and romance of the dance halls in the late 20th Century.

Photograph showing a painting by Andrew Hay called 'The Steamie'

The Steamie, by Andrew Hay

Located high on the wall above the steamie booth, the painting recreates the drama and female community of steamie culture in Glasgow. The painting reminds us of our modern day luxuries and invites visitors share their memories of visiting steamies as children with their mothers.