Restoring a classic painting

The process of restoring a painting by Archibald McLauchlan
Photograph of a painting by Archibald McLauchlan of John Glassford and his Family
Glassford was a Scottish Tobacco Lord, considered by his contemporaries to be the greatest of the era. He was born in Paisley, the third son of James Glassford, a merchant and burgess, John first married a merchant's daughter, then a baronet's, then an earl's.

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The story of restoring a classic painting by Archibald McLauchlan, told by our conservators

Watch the video to see the process of restoring this painting by the artist Archibald McLauchlan, which tells the story of John Glassford and his evolving family. Discover how our conservators reveal the truth behind the stories hidden by time and the surface of the painting itself.

The painting is a foreboding reminder of the legacies of enslavement, empire and the tobacco merchants of 18th Century Glasgow.

Please note, this film was made in 2007.

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