Going Green – The Drive for Energy Efficiency

Going Green – The Drive for Energy Efficiency considers James Watt’s pioneering spirit and his legacy in a modern-day context, where the desire to be increasingly energy efficient to combat climate change is ever-present.

The centrepiece is a Tesla Model S P85+, believed to be the first Tesla acquired by a public museum in Scotland. The pioneering car, gifted to the city by a private collector and enthusiast is a stunning and technologically important car, which represents a new dawn in electric vehicle development. One section of the new display Driving Out Emissions considers how revolutionary changes in transport and the development of more environmentally friendly vehicles can reduce emissions and assist in tackling climate change.

Boasting a raft of innovative features and impressive technology, the Tesla Model S can travel 242 miles on one charge, at a cost of around £9. It can reach 0-60mph in 4 seconds, be controlled from the owner’s smart phone and convert from a 5 to 7-seater family car.

Alongside the Tesla is a rare Honda Insight Mk1 from 2000. Donated by another enthusiast, it is one of only 239 Mk1s sold in the UK and was the first hybrid car to be acquired for the city’s renowned transport and travel collection. Its inclusion in the display opens up a discussion on different power sources, from coal and quartz to wind and water and the ability to consume less of one by using more of another, as illustrated by the hybrid Honda which combines a conventional petrol engine with an electric motor.

Going Green – The Drive for Energy Efficiency shows the concern for our world is universal, while highlighting that we can all make a positive difference to planet Earth. The display considers how we test air quality, monitor oceans and make personal statements about the environmental dangers our world faces.

Going Green – The Drive for Energy Efficiency is sure to enthrall and engage visitors of all ages and will be an important talking piece for the younger generations.

Sponsored by Aggreko.

"Aggreko are proud to be a part of the Museum’s significant project at a time when reducing carbon emissions is a priority for the clients we serve globally in meeting their specific power needs.”

Robert Wells, Managing Director, Events Aggreko.