Performance Management

The Performance Management Cycle

At Glasgow Life it is our aim to create an environment where individual, team and Glasgow Life’s goals are aligned and where our employees receive continuous development and performance coaching.  Our employees are at the heart of how we perform and are key to our future success. 

Effective performance management creates an environment for everyone to perform at their best. As we build on our ability to inspire Glasgow’s citizens and visitors to lead richer and more active lives through culture, sport and learning, we need to have a high performance culture by building relationships, delivering results and seizing opportunities for continuous improvement.

Our performance management cycle will strengthen the development of all employees and support everyone in realising their full potential. It is built around setting objectives and demonstrating behaviours, so that we all know what we need to do and how we should be doing it.

Performance management is everyone’s responsibility.  It is the backbone to our organisational performance and therefore vital to us achieving our strategic objectives.

There are 3 stages to the GL Performance Management Cycle and these are displayed in the diagram below.

Your manager will be able to brief you further on this cycle and process.  There is a link below for management support.  

As you prepare for your Performance Management review meeting with your manager, our handy toolkit below provides documents and tips.


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