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Coronavirus - Latest Information

Access and Copying

Information on Children and Families

Find out more from Glasgow City Council

Find out more on Children and Families

Here, you can enjoy the wonderful documentary heritage of Glasgow and the west of Scotland over eight centuries.

We are responsible for the archives entrusted to our care and users play a vital role in helping us to safeguard our archival heritage for future users.

Our leaflet 'Using Archives' contains information about requesting, retrieving and handling documents as well as opening hours.

We aim to provide access to most records to allow you to enjoy your rich archival heritage. We will also endeavour to provide you with copies - check our Archives Charges list for more information.

The archivist will explain any access or copying restrictions.

Access Restrictions 

We are bound by various statutes and agreements, which may restrict access to particular types of record:

  • Restrictions placed on records by private depositors
  • Data Protection law protects personal information and requires us to close records, e.g.
  • School records, chiefly admission registers and log books (from 30 to 75 years)
  • Poor Law applications (75 years for adults, 100 years for children)
  • Police personnel records (75 years)
  • Adoption or looked-after children records (100 years)
  • All requests to look at records of adoption or looked-after children for Glasgow should be made through Families for Children, Social Work Services, Glasgow City Council.

Copying Restrictions

We are unable to offer self-service copying facilities and some items may require the permission of the copyright or collection owner. If the item is fragile, we may be unable to copy it due to the risk of further damage.


Useful documents

Accessible formats

If you require documents in large print, braille, or audio versions please email: