Police Officers

This is a brief guide to our archives of police personnel records.

What do I need before I start?

Try to find out:

  • name of the officer
  • where they were born
  • approximate year of birth

What records can I find in the Mitchell: Glasgow City Archives?

Glasgow City Archives holds the records of Strathclyde Police, 1975-2013, (ref: SR22/1-37) and its predecessors including the City of Glasgow Police, 1800-1975, (ref: SR22/38-70). Also included in the holdings are the records of the former County Constabularies of Ayrshire, 1853-1975, (ref: SR22/71-76), Dunbartonshire, 1858-1975, (ref: SR22/77), Lanarkshire, 1842-1975, (ref: SR22/78-83), Renfrewshire and Bute, 1858-1975, (ref: SR22/84-89), and Argyllshire, 1863-1975, (ref: SR22/91-93).


As well as administrative records, the collection includes personnel records of police officers in the West of Scotland from the 1820s to 1999.


The personnel records may include:

  • name of officer
  • age, sometimes including actual date of birth
  • birthplace
  • former occupation
  • marital status and whether the officer had any children
  • addresses
  • height, sometimes hair colour and complexion
  • career progression/disciplinary action


A computerised index of personnel records up to 1939 for Glasgow and the County Constabularies, where these records survive, is available to search in the archive search room.


The personnel records are closed for 75 years under data protection legislation.


What records can I see online?

These records are not available online.


What records can I see elsewhere?

There are no other records held elsewhere.


What other resources will help me find information?


Glasgow City Archives


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