Work patterns

Why do we need to have a work pattern on record?

All Glasgow Life employees are time managed.  This means that work patterns are saved on our payroll system to allow for electronic record keeping which is more accurate and secure.  For example, when you take annual leave, this will automatically be deducted from your entitlement but an up to date work pattern needs to saved in the system for this deduction to be accurate. 

Viewing your work pattern

My Portal Users can view their work pattern through My Portal.  Use the self-help guides (see link below in Related Items) so find out how to do this.

Non Portal Users should contact their manager for information on their work pattern.

Amending your work pattern

To amend your work pattern in the system, your manager should access the Work Pattern Support pages on the Glasgow Life intranet.  

Work Pattern Frequently Asked Questions

The system defaults to the standard Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, work pattern.  If this is your work pattern then you don't need to do anything else!

If you don't work the standard Monday to Friday 9-5 work pattern or you work shifts, your manager should make sure that this is saved in the system.  See the "Viewing a work pattern" section above to find out how to do this.  If your work pattern is not correct, see the "Amending a work pattern" section.

Please speak to your manager about how the regular changes to your work pattern can be best managed.

Your manager should have included your work pattern when they sent in your approved WLB form.  You can contact your manager to check this.

Please see the "Amending a work pattern" section above.

If Glasgow Life require you to work a regular non-standard work pattern, you may be entitled to additional pay.  This is referred to as Non-Standard Work Pattern payments (NSWP) or "non-core pay".  Please see the NSWP section in Related Items below for more information. 

Additional support for managers

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