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Express Yourself

Express Yourself
At the Glasgow​ Club we're always looking at the key trends in the fitness industry. With our lives becoming ever more hectic we thought it was important to introduce more Express classes for our time conscious members.

With this in mind we are delighted to announce the launch of Kinesis Express and ARKE Express at Glasgow Club. 

These classes are for a maximum of 6 persons to ensure the instructor has even more time to offer advice and encouragement.  

Kinesis Express 

​​​ ​​
A 30 minute innovative functional class using the Kinesis stations in the gym. 

The unique training experience to make you feel good, stay in shape and enjoy a great workout by combining the benefits of functional strength with the simplicity of more conventional resistance machines! 

Kinesis uses a pulley system that offers a more natural movement experience allowing for greater movement, increased effectiveness and better results offering a full body workout with adaptations and progressions for all levels! 

Learn how to get the most from these machines with our experienced gym instructors as well as a fun and dynamic workout!

ARKE Express

A 30 Minute high intensity core functional class using ARKE equipment based on the gym floor. 

Core Concentric Training is based on the Greek philosophical tradition of Earth for stability, Air for dynamic reaction, Water for agility and Balance and Fire for adaptability and control. You will increase co-ordination, stability, balance, flexibility, strength and power as well as gradually improving your speed-agility-reaction time and cardio fitness. Suitable for all fitness levels! 

A fun and dynamic way to improve your core functionality helping you to do everyday tasks!

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