Track Your Fitness with mywellness

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Track Your Fitness with mywellness

mywellness Arrives at the Glasgow Club
Those of you who train at the Emirates may have already experienced the great new fitness app called mywellness that we’ve installed on the cardio machines. 
mywellness is a cloud based platform that allows you to create an account to track activity, results, and fitness gains. It's operated by Technogym who supply our CV and strength equipment. 

With this system you will be able to track your training effectiveness and monitor the progress of your body measurements. You will be challenged to improve on your activity level each week and fill up your ‘activity battery’. 



The key units of measurement are 'Moves'

Moves are a measure of your daily amount of physical activity .The more often and faster you move, the more Moves you accumulate. 

Unlike the number of calories burned, your 'Moves' scores are independent of body weight, so they are a better way of comparing your activity levels with that of your friends. 

SO how active you are?
  • Low Activity: Up to 499 Moves per week
  • Moderately Active: 500 to 749 Moves per week
  • Active: 750 to 999 Moves per week
  • Very Active: More than 1000 Moves per week
You can also choose to convert your Moves score into number of calories burnt, calculated based on your body weight.


Getting Started

There are a couple of ways to set up your very own account:

At home: You can create an account at and follow the instructions.

In the gym:  You can create an account by following the instructions on a CV machine. 

Once you’ve set up your account, you can log into a machine in two ways; email address and password or using a QR scanner.

You can download the mywellness app for your smartphone (on both iPhone and Android devices) and use the app to log activity and sign into machines.

Mywellness supports fitness apps like Mapmyfitness and Run Keeper, so if you are running outside you can automatically sync this activity with your mywellness account. 

You can also add in exercise on other equipment (e.g. leg press 10 reps, 2 sets.) Also if you enjoy attending fitness classes, these can be added too. 

The CV equipment in the Emirates have two particular apps: Communicate and Challenge.



With this the Glasgow Club can communicate messages and information to members as you work out on the CV machines. For example we'll let you know that there is a fitness class starting shortly, special offers or current gym challenges.



The Glasgow Club gym team can load gym challenges to the CV machines based on time, distance, moves and calories. 

The types of challenges can be:
  • individual challenges (where everyone who completes it is a winner)
  • winner challenge, with one winner (fastest, works hardest etc)
  • team challenge where you join a gym instructors team to compete and then gym staff also compete against each other. 
These challenges add a whole other level of motivation to your training regime!

The system is currently being trialled at the Emirates but we plan to roll it out across other gyms in the coming months.

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